To my surprise I received my Challenge coin today. I just want to say on behalf of veterans, thanks for not forgetting that freedom isn’t free but the price is one of honor that I am proud to have served. On behalf of those who gave their all, thank you. This we’ll defend.

— Cristi H.

Thank you for taking care of veterans like me!! 

I want to just reach out with an email and give you my biggest thanks. When me and my wife Ashley set out on the journey to buy a home I was with another company. They couldn’t get the job done to say the least. I was given your name and number by a friend and was told to give you a call you could get us approved. You were instrumental in making us feel at ease because we were on edge with the previous company. When we got the approval in less then 48 hours we were thrilled and the biggest burden was lifted as we moved forward with the process. Then the short sale process!!! You kept a positive attitude assuring us that we would get this deal done! You put me in contact with many great people who helped along our journey. Each and every person you put us in contact with was a professional and ultimately got us in our new home. 

Joe, your positivity really kept me and my wife level and I can’t thank you enough because it was the hardest process of buying a home we every went through. Your processor, Tina, was amazing. You and Caliber Home Loans are phenomenal, and again I can’t thank you enough for the hard work, positivity, and diligence to make sure my wife and kids had a roof over their head. I am very grateful I made that call to you back in March. Thank you, Joe!  I will and have recommended you to my friends and family.

— Jason B.

A great big shout out to Caliber Home Loans for a job well done. We would like to sincerely recognize Alan C and Kelly L for “BEING AWESOME” !!!

They both worked, tirelessly, together to ensure that our transition from Oregon to Florida was seamless.

Thank you so much guys !!! We will highly recommend Caliber Home Loans to our friends and family when they ask us for a loan broker.

— Fred P and Kelly N

I would like to express my tremendous gratitude for the outstanding experience I've had working with my Loan Consultant, Brandi (and my Realtor, Shannon).  What a dynamic team!  As a female veteran purchasing my first home alone, I was a bit anxious to tackle the whole ordeal, but they swooped in like super heroes and saved the day!  They answered all my questions and surpassed all my expectations with the greatest level of professionalism and dependability.  I have moved many times in my career and it's never an easy undertaking, but this experience has been, by far, the most efficient, smooth and painless process that I could have imagined!
The Caliber Home Loans challenge coin is absolutely beautiful, and I will cherish it, not just for its appearance but also as a representation of the top quality service I received.  I have always been proud to serve my nation, but it has also been an honor to work with such dedicated individuals and thank you for being such a supportive, veteran-friendly organization!

— Ida M.

This is such a fun little surprise in the mail! VERY cool and well put together. We love it, thank you.
We have also loved our experience with Brandon Bialkowski and Caliber. Our experience in purchasing our new home was the most painless of all the homes we've purchased.
Kudos to Brandon!

— Erika V.

We would like to let you know how very much it meant to John to receive the challenge coin. John is who is really a big tough guy was extremely touched to receive such a very thoughtful gift. We appreciate all that you did to help us through the paperwork process. Your kindness and consideration as you and your team assisted us through a somewhat complicated paperwork world was a gift we will not forget. Your professionalism and caring attitude made as feel very comfortable.
After living in one place for the past 40 years you helped us transition into making a move where we can make new memories and be closer to family.
I hope Caliber will always lead the way for all the brave men and women who have and are serving our country.
Most sincerely,

— Marion & John W.

I am in receipt of this beautifully executed Caliber Challenge coin and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the kind folks at Caliber Loans. The personal care and attention to detail provided by Caliber and especially Lucy Kranker have made the purchase of our new home totally seamless.
I appreciate the recognition of my military service to this wonderful country and I am sure other veterans would also embrace this fine token of Caliber Home Loans. Please keep up the good work.

— Joseph W.

While this is quite delayed, I wanted to extend my thanks and follow up with Caliber regarding the Challenge Coin I received after the purchase of my home.
My wife and I finalized the purchase of our home in Decemnber. The past five months has been extremely busy, but rewarding, with the overall move-in process.
As a veteran and first time home buyer, I can personally say that I had a very positive experience with Caliber. I was very upfront, candid, and honest with my mortgage rep, Mark Davis, in letting him know that I was not familiar with the home buying process. Not only did Mark take the time to explain everything in detail, he was very patient with my questions and with any concerns that I had conveyed to him.
Additionally, I truly felt that Mark and his team were very experienced in dealing with the VA home loan process, and tailored my home loan process due to my veteran status. Thus, I felt that the experience overall was was quite streamlined and efficient. Within one month, my wife and I had a closing date on the home we are now living in. We continue to feel grateful and fortunate to have had the opportunity to purchase the home we really wanted and had the backing, support, and very responsive help of Mark Davis and his team.
The very fact that Caliber also sends their veteran home buyers a 'Challenge Coin' just goes to show the depth of Caliber's awareness and appreciation for military culture and tradition. Many, many veterans from all walks of life and each branch understand and appreciate the 'challenge coin tradition'. I happen to be one of those veterans that collects challenge coins at every opportunity. The one I received from Caliber has been added to that collection and is a happy reminder that my wife and I survived the home buying and selling process without any real issues!
Thank you for being an organization that not only works to meet the needs of veterans that qualify for special home loan programs, but also for being an organization that actually takes the time to recognize their client's military service.
With much respect and gratitude,

— Ryan D.

I love that I work for an organization that recognizes Veterans. It meant a lot to receive the challenge coin.

— Shavanta S.

It is nice to know that the company you work for really takes the time to recognize service members. It’s nice to know you’re appreciated.

— Chakhara W.

I would like to thank Caliber Home Loans for their considerate gesture in offering the challenge coins to veterans. We deal with many companies and none has ever said thank you.
This make me feel appreciated and know my service was not unnoticed.

— Stuart M.

It's a beautiful coin that acknowledges all the U.S. Military Armed Services. My experience with Caliber has been awesome, in light of delays caused by hurricane.

— Joseph H.

Thank you for the beautiful Caliber Challenge Coin sent to us. It is a thoughtful gift that we will cherish.

— Michael and Cheryl L.

I absolutely loved the coin and thought it was an extremely nice surprise. I'll display that one with a few other coins! Military appreciation is very special to me even though I was a simple desk jockey!
Thank you!

— Brandon C.

I want to thank you for the beautiful Challenge Coin you gave to me.  It touched me very deeply that you are honoring veterans by giving us such a coin.  I have had a very good experience with Caliber Home Loans and the staff has been very helpful and patient with all of my inquiries.
Thank you again for all your financial services and the welcome coin I received.

— Edward S.

We had a great experience. Lo was very helpful and professional.
Thanks for checking and I really like the challenge coin.

— Greg T.

A note of thanks for the ease of buying our new home using my V/A benefit. You made the process almost effortless on our part and I can’t say enough about Caliber Home Loans and our friend Mitzi Barnett, who made it all look so easy.
Additionally, a big thank you for the beautiful military challenge coin I received from your company. It means more than you can imagine.
My service was from 1970-1976 and anyone that lived during that period probably remembers that military men and women received very little respect or even acknowledgement, due mostly to the very unpopular war in Vietnam. There was even a time when we were directed to not wear our uniforms in public because it could be hazardous to our health, based on the dark mood of the country. Regardless, many of us felt that it was our duty to serve our country in one compacity or another, whether it was serving overseas or standing by to support the effort..we did our duty.
Our military, and our country as a whole, has changed so much now, nearly a half century later.  I am so very proud of our men and women that wear that uniform with pride today. They are the protectors of our nation, and the world.
The challenge coin you gave me sits on my desk and I fidget with it all day, every day while working.  Because of people and companies like yours I finally feel vindicated, acknowledged, and maybe even a little respected. Thank you.

— Russ D.

I just recently closed on a VA loan with Caliber and the experience could not have been better. The entire process took approximately two weeks, which I was pleasantly surprised by.
I received my Challenge Coin in the mail today and want to thank you. As a veteran that served in the Air Force during peace time it is always nice to be recognized for my service to country. It is very appreciated.

— Mike R.

I was indeed impressed with the unexpected gift of the Caliber Challenge Coin that came with my recent home mortgage documentation.  I've left service a long time ago and while I remain proud that I served, I'm not reminded of those times often anymore.
Thank you for both the reminder and coin.  Both reminders that people appreciate what veterans of all ages gave for the country. Class act.

— Chris H.

I just received my Caliber Challenge Coin and was very surprised and grateful. It was an honor to serve my country and it's great to work for such an amazing company.
Thank you, this is greatly appreciated.

— Eric W.

My wife and I closed on our dream house just a few short weeks ago. We are already settled into our new home and our so grateful to the Caliber team in Huntington, WV. Larry was fantastic. Having served in the military he was very knowledgeable with all facets of the VA loan which proved helpful while working through the loan process and VA certificate. From start to finish we were in our home in less than forty days.  With the help of his wonderful Branch Manager/Production Assistant Della, the whole process was flawless. She was an absolute professional and worked very hard to keep things on track and moving smoothly.  Having served in the United States Marine Corps for more than twenty-four years I can say it was an honor to be able to work with such fine people. They were amazing and we will forever be blessed by our experiences at Caliber. Thank you so much for the latest coin in my collection. I have many. They have being given as awards but this coin is a reward.  Thanks again to your Huntington Branch for making the purchase of our home so amazing.

— Jared T.

Thank you for the coin. Artfully designed and crafted. I am proud to have one.
It is an excellent reminder of the sacrifices our servicemen and women make on our behalf. Many are away from their loved ones... They all wrote a blank check to us payable for up to and including their lives. "All gave some, some gave all."

— Jim M.

Thank you so much for your support of Veterans. As a soldier who is serving in my 14th year, I have collected several coins. I am pleased to add the Caliber Challenge Coin to my collection.
Ed Locke took excellent care of my VA loan. He went above and beyond while working with us. We are thankful for all he did for us. Caliber will receive nothing but good recommendations from me!

— Joshua H.

Thank you for the challenge coin.
Just the fact that your company designed and distributed it says a lot about you. It may be a small token, but challenge coins hold a special place for us.

— Matt M.

Awesome coin! Receiving the coin was such a great surprise and gesture, it shows the dedication and appreciation Caliber has for our military. Coins are symbolic in the military, shows pride and appreciation, but also something to look back on and remind yourself of a past achievement. Caliber has been amazing, couldn't have asked for a better team to work with. Being a first time buyer I can say I went in nervous and a bit anxious, however Caliber Home Loans put me at ease and took that pressure off my back. Thanks again for your time and patience. I will recommend your services to fellow comrades, friends, and family.

— Jason L.

The challenge coin was great. Will add it to my collection from my career in the military. Thank you.

— Joseph W.

We received the Caliber Challenge Coin in the mail today. The coin is a nice thing to send out but what is even more important is the service people receive; I feel we were treated so very well by Chris Burroughs and Vanessa Sanchez during the process of getting Our VA home loan. From start to finish we felt the presence of Chris Burroughs walking through the process with us. I cannot say enough good about how we were treated. My husband is retired US Army and I also served but for only 7 years. So proud to see Caliber won an award for service to the military.

— Nancy D.

I just received my Caliber challenge coin and I think it is absolutely awesome. Thank you so much, it means a lot and looks great.

— Tyler S.

It was a pleasant surprise to have received a challenge coin from Caliber. And, to top it off it was a military coin to boot... I really like the design of the coin; the way it incorporates all the branches of the military. Good job!
My overall experience with Caliber was very professional and stream lined. The process from start to finish was without any major hiccups and was surprisingly fast. (Less than 2 months). I would recommend Caliber to anyone planning on buying a home. In the future I will be using Caliber for any of my loan needs. Thank-You!

— George G.