Caliber & Operation Gratitude Support USO

When you’re deployed away from home in a harsh area, it’s often difficult to find and enjoy the most basic things in life – items we civilians take for granted. The USO’s Operation Gratitude division understands, and so do the employees at Caliber Home Loans, Inc.

Caliber staff hit the campaign trail

Caliber staff with donations for the 2016 Operation Gratitude Care Package Campaign

During the 2016 Operation Gratitude Care Package Campaign, Caliber staff collected hundreds of items that help make an overseas deployment a bit easier to handle. From snack items like peanuts, candy, granola bars and over 150 chocolate bars to essentials like toothbrushes, blankets and travel pillows, Caliber staff donated over 2,000 items to fill dozens of Care Packages. In addition, many staff members wrote letters of thanks to the recipients of the Care Packages.

One recipient explained how the arrival of a Care Package affects its new owner:

“It gives us hope, confidence, happiness, strength and pride that somebody’s thinking about us.”

Join us in supporting our troops, veterans and wounded heroes

Almost anyone can volunteer their time and skills to support Operation Gratitude. Visit the Operation Gratitude web site and check out their latest programs and volunteer opportunities, or visit Operation Gratitude on Facebook for photos of deployed troops with their Care Packages.