It's Official! Caliber's Military Friendly

We’re proud to announce our new Military Friendly® Brand designation by Victory Media, publisher of G.I. Jobs® and Military Friendly® ratings. Introduced this year, the inaugural list of 54 Military Friendly® Brands provide service members, veterans and military families a trusted source to discover the best companies and consumer products.

Military friendly brand logo

Here’s what this designation means to Caliber Home Loans, Inc. – and what it means to you.

What does it mean to be a Military Friendly® brand?

Caliber received this designation because of the company-wide investment in supporting America’s military and their families. In addition to our Military and Veteran Lending Professionals (CMVLPs), we meet or exceed required Military Friendly benchmark standards in other areas. These include:

  • Policies & Governance
    Overall corporate governance, the policies and practices an organization has adopted and whether the organization is engaged in any exemplary practices.
  • Transparency
    Community investment and engagement is made publicly available and how the organization rates in federal consumer compliance and protection programs.
  • Consumer Indicators
    Customer service and support policies, as well as marketing practices and military and veteran consumer satisfaction.
  • Community Indicators
    An organization's military and veteran community and consumer relationships, stakeholder engagement initiatives, and public policy positions.

We’re proud of our military talent

Caliber employees with a military background bring unique training, discipline and qualities to the workplace. Whether they’re directly involved with serving veteran and military borrowers or employed in another area, we’ll continue to invest in recruiting and retaining veterans.