Caliber goes for the COE, saves a veteran’s home purchase

Jan 31, 2018

Recently, Caliber’s branch in Atlanta, Georgia was approached by a real estate agent with a problem – a big problem.

The agent’s client, a military veteran, had found the perfect home. But he didn’t have his Certificate of Entitlement (COE) from the VA. Nor did he have any other documentation that would have helped him obtain his COE.

His first lender convinced the home’s seller that the veteran’s VA loan would be approved soon. As a show of good faith, the seller allowed the veteran to move into the home before his VA loan closed.

No COE, No Go

Unfortunately for the veteran, his lender didn’t know how to assist him with locating his COE. So, as Caliber’s Bryan Bergjans describes it, the lender “ran for the hills”.

The veteran’s real estate agent ran too, but not for the hills. Instead, she ran to Caliber’s Atlanta branch and Loan Consultant Ryan Kelly.

The veteran’s COE wasn’t as easy to locate as most. After our Strategic VA Lending Program Specialist, Cristina Bergjans, researched the veteran’s service records at the National Archive, she went directly to the veteran’s place of service, the Atlanta Army National Guard.

Caliber Saves the Day

After several days of research they were able to produce the required documents needed to obtain the veteran’s Certificate of Eligibility. 

His loan was quickly approved and now he’s living happily ever after.