Military families are familiar with frequent moves, which often represent the best and worst of military life. The average family relocates every two to three years.

Military families have a truly unique lifestyle, experiencing new and different communities across the world. These families often rely on the people within each new community to support them as they transition in the face of military move. Such support is essential for reducing the stress and burden that accompanies each Permanent Change of Station (PCS).

One move equals a multitude of changes and challenges. If you’ve ever made a move to a new city, you probably experienced some or all of these:

  • Change of address
  • Change of friends
  • Change of support system
  • Change of neighborhood
  • Change of schools
  • Change of teachers
  • Change of schedules
  • Change of routines
  • Change of activities
  • Change of jobs
  • Change of housing

At Caliber, helping military families lessen the stress that can come with PCSing is important to us. Providing VA financing is only a part of our commitment to support our military. We actively recruit military family members and veterans to join our team. And, we seek out opportunities to give back to the military community.

Meet Caliber’s Military Community Engagement Director, Brittany Boccher

Brittany Boccher joined Caliber to extend our commitment and expand our service to service members and their families. Brittany has a passion for helping military spouses and families find the resources and support they need. Learn more about Brittany’s story on our Leadership page or reach out directly to Brittany by clicking the button below.