Grand Rapids Realtors® attend VA Loan Boot Camp

Recently, 47 Michigan area real estate agents attended a boot camp that didn’t result in their crawling back to barracks afterwards. This one featured a catered presentation by Caliber Military & Veteran Lending Professional (CMVLP) Brad Stinson.

In addition to his current lending career, Brad is also a USMC veteran with plenty of knowledge to share about VA loans and the unique housing requirements of active duty military personnel.

This Military Mortgage Boot Camp – How to Present a VA Offer Sellers Will Accept – featured these key points:

  • Advantages of a VA loan – although most real estate professionals are aware that these loans often close with no down payment requirement, many aren’t aware that veterans are not the only group who may qualify for them.
  • How to increase sales by helping more veterans – since many real estate agents aren’t familiar with VA home loans, those who know to assist buyers and present them to sellers will benefit by building a reputation as a VA Loan problem-solver.
  • How to get VA loans accepted by sellers – some sellers fear that a VA loan will take forever to close – this was true decades ago, but nowadays VA loan schedules are keeping up with other types of home financing.
  • Six VA Myths busted – including unacceptably long closing times and the belief that military deployed overseas can’t use their VA entitlement until they return to the US.